Koh Chang

Koh Chang is located off the far East of Thailand's coast, its the countries second largest island though not so heavily populated compared to its size. Since its development in the early 2000s it has become a hugely popular tourist hot spot catering for all types of visitor. The piers of Ao Tammachat and Center Point Pier that operate to Koh Chang are about a 6 hour drive from Bangkok. Getting around this large island is definitely not walkable and you'll need to take the local songthaews or rent a motorbike or car to get around the different areas.

The island itself is a beautiful natural spectacle. With lush rainforest's, high cliffs, scenic waterfalls, amazing beaches and stunning coral reef, it's not difficult to see why Koh Chang has become so popular and admired. Other than it's natural beauties there is also a wide range of activities to do.

The waterfalls Klong Plu and Klong Nueng are two of the most popular to see, with many many others including Klong Nonsi, Klong Petch, Khiri Petch and Kongoi also very beautiful. Boats can be chartered for diving and snorkeling trips to see the amazing coral reef and it's abundance of marine life. They can also be taken for organised fishing trips or to visit the many small surrounding islands. Put your walking shoes on and take one the jungle treks where your likely to see a range of wildlife including birds, monkeys, snakes and lizards. Cooking classes are found up and down the island offering you the chance to cook up then eat some of Thailand s famous dishes. Visit the viewpoints for some great photos. Check out one of the live snake shows or even test your aim at the gun range. So whether your looking for an action packed time or just want to spend the days lounging on the beach koh Chang is the place.

A large percentage of the islands visitors stay on the west side of the island, here you will find the most accommodation and a variety of different beaches. There are many beaches on Koh Chang, with 4 of them being the most popular. These being White Sand Beach, Lonely Beach, Klong Prao Beach and Kai Bae Beach.

White Sand Beach is a 3 km long stretch of beach offering white sands and clear waters. Its very developed (maybe to much) and is where you want to be if your looking for a lively and busy resort area. The northern end of the beach is slightly quieter, less built up and a little less developed than the central and southern parts. Here you will find many of the backpacker accommodations with a relaxed and chilled out vibe. The central and southern part of the beach are full of mid to high range hotels and resorts. With this beach being so developed it offers a huge range of restaurants, shops, and amenities. The evenings and night times on White Sand Beach are the probably the most lively on the island with a wide range of evening entertainment on offer. Beach bars, bars, beer bars, pubs, cafes, sports bars and nightclubs occupy the area. With many open until the early hours and partying throughout the night, getting a good nights sleep in certain parts can sometimes be difficult. During high season this area can be extremely busy and crowded compared to some of the other beach areas. But if that's not a problem and your looking for a lively, hectic, party atmosphere then here's the place.

Lonely Beach, which name is a slight misconception is another popular beach area. Full of bungalows and mid to low range hotels and guesthouses, its very popular with the backpacker crowd. Here is less developed than the busy White Sand Beach. and you get more of a separated island feel, though still gets very busy. The beach itself is picturesque and beautiful with accommodation, bars, restaurants and amenities on the beach minimal (sure to change), this gives the beach a nice and natural feel. It's in the nearby village where you'll find all you'll need, restaurants that offer food from all over world, accommodation, shops and amenities and a extremely busy nightlife. Here like White Sand Beach can be very lively at night time so if your looking for the party scene, here is a good rival to the White Sand Beach area.

On the the centre of the west coast is Klong Prao Beach. A truly stunning and beautiful stretch of soft white sand and clear water. It's this beach where you will find some of the islands highest end and luxury hotels and resorts. Budget and mid range are on offer but this area mainly caters to the higher end. This beach is the great escape from some of the islands other busy areas. Its quiet, relaxed, and peaceful and with no real no central point it means there's no real congestion of crowds. It's the perfect place for a family holiday or romantic get away and highly recommended. The nearby Klong Prao village is just a short walk away where you will find a range of restaurants, shops and amenities. There are a few bars but nightlife is very quiet here, but perfect for a nice chilled out few evening drinks. Head to White Sand or Lonely Beach if your looking for a busy night. The village also has a temple and an interesting night market, also within walking distance is one of the islands most beautiful and visited waterfalls, Klong Plu. The Klong Prao Beach area really is fantastic if looking for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere away from all of the islands hustle and bustle.

Kai Bae Beach and village make up the fourth of the main Beach areas. It is a little mix of all the other 3 beach areas, enjoyed by families, couples and travellers alike. It has a beautiful and scenic beach, smaller and more intimate than the islands other big beaches its the perfect place for renting a kayak and visiting the numerous small islands across the water. Kai Bae Beach is popular and liked by all as it offers something for everyone. Its not too big, though not too small. Not too busy and yet not too quiet. It really does cater for all needs and is a great option when choosing an area to stay or visit. The village, just a few minutes walk from the beach, is busy and has all the shops and amenities you need. Here you'll also get good value for money on accommodation, with everything from high end to budget on offer. A great range of restaurants offer some of the best international food on the island along with great Thai food, seafood and BBQ. Nightlife here is good also, not as crazy as the islands other places but still enough to keep you happy during your stay. Of the 4 main beach areas Kai Bae, where not as big or busy as the other areas, it arguably offers its visitors the best mix of everything, making it a great choice when visiting koh Chang.

The above areas are just the 4 main areas to stay, but there are many more that are becoming more and more popular every year with the islands constant and ever flowing supply of tourists. With its great development over the years the island offers its visitors many things to do and see. This makes Koh Chang an equally great trip for a quick few days or a longer stay of a week (or two). Ideal for travellers, families and couples, this developing island paradise is a great choice of islands to visit.