Koh Kood

Koh Kood or Koh Kut as it's often spelt is the epitome of an island paradise. It lies on Thailand's furthest reaches of the east coast, very close to neighbouring Cambodia. With its white sands, crystal clear water and over hanging palm trees it's arguably the most beautiful of all the islands.

Most of the ferry's and speedboats running to Koh Kood go from the mainland pier of Laem Sok. The journey time ranges depending on what ferry or speedboat service you use but are roughly around 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Being Thailand's fourth largest island it is not possible to walk around the island. A limited amount of public taxis are available and some resorts will offer a taxi service to get you around the island. Taxi boats can be used to get around the island and are a great way to view the islands beaches and scenery from a far.

Koh Kood is visited for mainly one thing and that's relaxation. The island is nowhere near as developed as the other tourist islands and is home to mostly only high end and luxury resorts, though mid range and budget accommodations are starting to appear. With little infrastructure on the island a lot of people come and stay their whole time at their hotel and enjoy the beach at their resort, however even with the limited infrastructure compared to other islands koh Kood has plenty to offer its visitors.

The Klong Chao village located centrally on the west side of the island is where you'll find the most going on, with a few shops offering the basics, restaurants and bars. Here is also where you'll find most of the budget accommodation. You will still find various restaurants, bars and shops dotted around the island. There are two main fishing villages, Ao Salat in the north east and Ao Yai down in the south east. Both villages have great seafood restaurants, some souvenir shops and are a good place to arrange boat and fishing trips. They are both worth a visit due to their friendly locals and picturesque setting. There are 3 beautiful waterfalls on the island, Huang Num Waterfall, Klong Chao Waterfall and Klong Yai Ki Waterfall. All are free to visit and are wonderful sights, Klong Chao and Klong Yai Ki both have lovely pools to take a swim and cool off in. Hiking and trekking can be done around the island, with the ancient Macca tree a must see. Other island activities include going to the viewpoint, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

But, it's the beaches, relaxation and pure peacefulness of the island that attracts its visitors. Like it's not to far away neighbour Koh Chang, the islands beaches are mostly situated on the west coast of the island. The beaches along the west coast starting from the north to south are, Ao Tapao, Ao Noi, Klong Chao, Ao Ngamkho, Sai Daeng, Ao Bang Bao, Takean, Khlong Hin, Ao Jark and Ao Prao, (Ao Noi and Ao Bang Bao are my personal favourite). Each beach though is very similar, though not in a bad way. They are all stunningly beautiful, with perfect sand and beautiful clear waters, each one is as picturesque as the next. No beach ever gets really crowded even in high season, and with no people trying to sell you things like on other islands, your free to enjoy the area like it is your own personal paradise.

Most resorts on the island run down the west coast along with beaches, these resorts are mostly high end with great facilities and offer easy access to the beaches. Klong Chao Beach area is the most popular with the most resorts, though it never feels crowded or busy. Other high end resorts can be found scattered around the island, but with the ones with the beaches on the doorstep these offer the perfect stay. Not long ago mid range and budget accommodation was hard if not impossible to find, but now especially around the Klong Chao Beach Village area there are places available. As time passes and Koh Kood becomes more and more popular the chances are that in time the island will offer a wide range of different accommodation. Restaurants on the island are limited but are there, with offerings of a range of food from Thai to western, many located in the Klong Chao area. Most resorts will have their own restaurants with many preferring to eat at their own or other resorts. In terms of nightlife, there isn't really any, though nightlife is not why people come to Koh Kood. There are however a few quiet and relaxed bars and beach bars around, again with the majority being in the Klong Chao area. Check out 'Bartist' bar in Klong Chao for probably the liveliest atmosphere on the island along with great food and drinks and a nice mix of locals and tourists.

Koh Kood really is the definition of an island paradise with its pristine beaches. It's the perfect place for couples, families and travellers looking to come and relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Thailand. Koh Kood is known for being more expensive than the other Thai islands, and yes in some aspects it is, but it offers something some of the other islands can't. A real and natural, traditional and undeveloped feel gives the impression of a remoteness and peacefulness that maybe the other islands don't give. That coupled with the lesser crowds and sheer basics of the island, it really makes Koh Kood feel like it's your own little piece of paradise.